Fat Transfer

Advanced techniques are making fat transfer, the process of using your own fat as a cosmetic filler, more effective than ever and, not coincidentally, more popular. Fat transfer at our San Jose practice is used for a variety of areas, including a patient’s face, hands, breasts, or buttocks.

Fat transfer procedures, also called fat grafting, offer patients the additional benefit of contouring areas of the body where there is unwanted fat. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Steven J. Bates and Dr. Benjamin Maser, are very experienced with innovative fat transfer techniques and are sought after for their body contouring expertise.

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Fat Transfer to Breasts
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Understanding Fat Transfer

Fat grafting transfers fat from areas where it’s unwanted, such as the outer thighs, abdomen, and love handles, and uses it to enhance other areas that lack volume. It is performed thousands of times annually throughout the U.S., and its results are very long-lasting.

Many patients consider the idea of using their own purified fat tissue as a natural filler is preferable to injections of synthetic fillers or implants. Although manmade products used in cosmetic procedures are extensively tested and safe, fat grafting remains an effective option for aesthetic enhancement that has a very natural look and feel.

A fat grating procedure begins with liposuction at our San Jose office and fully certified surgical facility, to harvest excess fat from one area of the body. The fat is then carefully processed and filtered before it is injected into the area lacking volume. Used for years for facial rejuvenation, fat transfer has been refined to efficiently process larger volumes of fat to benefit other areas, as well. Dr. Bates and Dr. Maser use the technique for breast enhancement and reconstruction and buttock augmentation.

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What to Expect

When a patient comes in for a fat transfer consultation, Dr. Maser or Dr. Bates identifies the area where excess fat will be taken to ensure enough is available to perform the fat grafting. Because not all of the removed fat will survive the transfer process, the area will be slightly overfilled.

The procedure begins with liposuction, which involves numbing the targeted area and then using a small tube, called a cannula, to break up and remove fatty tissue. Once the tissue is processed and filtered, the purified fat is injected where the augmentation is wanted. Larger areas, such as the breasts or buttocks, may require more than one appointment to get the desired results.

Our Plastic Surgeons

Our board-certified plastic surgeons have decades of combined experience performing cosmetic procedures for the face, breasts, and body. Their expertise, superior care, and impressive outcomes draw patients from across the San Francisco Bay Area. Their caring, down-to-earth personalities cultivate lasting doctor-patient relationships.

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Your New Look

Patients are usually very satisfied with the fat transfer results. The benefits depend on the area where the fat is injected:

  • Face: Areas that begin looking hollow with age can be plumped up with injections of fat. The cheeks, the brow, under the eyes, and the lips are all good areas for fat transfer. Fat can even be used to smooth over some scars.
  • Hands: The hands are sometimes overlooked when people consider signs of aging, but they often show your age before facial wrinkles appear. Thin skin is filled and rejuvenated with fat transfer.
  • Buttocks: A streamlined waist and rounder buttocks, the goal of a Brazilian butt lift, is accomplished using fat grafting.
  • Breasts: Fat is used for both augmentation and reconstruction procedures. Fat is even sometimes used to disguise the edges of breast implants, giving them a more natural appearance.

Recovery following a fat grafting procedure depends on the level of liposuction performed. It may be anywhere from a couple of days to a week before you’re able to resume normal activities.

If you’re considering body contouring in the San Jose, California, area and are interested in learning about fat transfer, request a free cosmetic consultation online with Dr. Bates or Dr. Maser or call our office at  (408) 356-4241.

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