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Reveal Plastic Surgery

Personalized Cosmetic Procedures for a New You

Discover how personalized cosmetic procedures can enhance your look.Explore surgical and non-surgical options tailored to your unique needs. Personalized cosmetic procedures offer a tailored approach to enhancing your appearance.Everyone’s aesthetic goals are different, and a one-size-fits-all method rarely delivers thedesired outcome. By focusing on individualized treatment plans, you can achieve results thatlook natural and complement …

Reveal Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon in San Jose Recommends Breast Augmentation Patients “Try On” Implants

Dr. Vincent Lepore explains that, despite the increasing popularity of imaging software, he prefers alternative methods to help patients visualize outcomes, such as allowing them to "try implants on for size." San Jose, California (April 2010) – Computer-imaging software is popular with many cosmetic surgeons at the moment, but board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Lepore …