Plastic Surgeon in San Jose Sees Trend Toward More Natural Breasts

Breast lifts and smaller breast implants are becoming more popular as women seek a “natural” look, says Dr. Vincent Lepore, a plastic surgeon in San Jose.

San Jose, California (December 2015) — Dr. Vincent Lepore, a plastic surgeon in San Jose, says smaller breast implants and breast lift surgery are becoming increasingly popular as women seek out a “natural” look, in one of the most interesting trends he has seen in more than 30 years in practice.

Breast augmentation surgery remains as popular as ever,” Dr. Lepore says, “but I’ve noticed more of my patients at my San Jose practice come in with the word ‘natural’ at the top of their priority lists. So the trend in recent years has been to go somewhat smaller in size overall than, say, a decade ago, although implant shape and profile are also major factors.”

Plastic surgeons around the country are noticing the same trend. RealSelf, an online forum where board-certified specialists answer questions posted by patients, published a survey asking surgeons about what trends they saw in 2015 and what they expect for 2016. Nearly 40% of the surgeons said more of their patients had been choosing smaller implants compared with 2014.

Additionally, women exchanging older implants for newer versions are downsizing, according to surgeons. Breast implant revision surgery increased 30% in 2014 and, according to an article in Allure magazine, “insiders say most of these women are exchanging their old implants for smaller replacements.”

Women are also more likely now to get breast lift surgery at Dr. Lepore’s San Jose practice. He says the procedure reshapes breasts that are sagging but doesn’t increase their volume.

“A breast lift on its own is a great way to get natural-looking results because it strictly uses a woman’s own tissue, but it still improves the shape and reduces sagging,” he says.

Even though the trend of women wanting smaller breast implants is getting attention, Dr. Lepore says the goals of his patients still vary as much as ever.

“We don’t have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy, and our patients make it clear on a daily basis that they don’t, either,” Dr. Lepore says. “Each patient’s unique concerns and goals influence her decisions about breast augmentation, including the size and shape of the implants. I work with patients to help them get the best possible results based on their goals.”

He says it is important to remember that the same size of implant can produce very different results on 2 different patients, depending on a number of factors that include body type, where the implants are placed, and other choices the patient and surgeon make together.

The Stanford-trained surgeon knows from experience that ultimately patients care about getting results they love, regardless of the implant’s size.

“The ultimate choice of breast implants, no matter what the trend of the day might be, rests with the patient.”

If you are considering breast augmentation or another breast enhancement procedure, request a consultation with Dr. Lepore to discuss your goals. Or call our office at (408) 356-4241 to schedule an appointment.

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