Patients Use Social Networking for Decisions on Plastic Surgery

Dr. Vincent Lepore, who specializes in breast augmentation and tummy tuck in San Jose, discusses new AAFPRS survey results that reveal an increase in plastic surgery patients’ reliance on social networking.

San Jose, California (March 2012) – Dr. Vincent D. Lepore, whose areas of expertise include tummy tuck and breast augmentation in San Jose, recently offered his opinions about people relying on social media to help them make decisions about plastic surgery. The increased popularity of social media as a resource was seen in results of a new survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

“Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter can be highly valuable for personal and professional communications,” Dr. Lepore says. “However, when it comes to health decisions, such as whether to have breast enlargement in San Jose, I recommend that my patients use a variety of reliable resources, including advice and recommendations from board-certified specialists.”

The survey showed that 42 percent of patients get their information about facial plastic surgery from social media. More findings from the survey can be found at

“That statistic makes it clear that patients are using social networking to an extent that concerns me,” Dr. Lepore says.

His concerns echo those of Dr. Tom D. Wang, president of the AAFPRS, who said in an announcement about the survey results, “We are encouraged by the possibilities Facebook, Twitter and other social channels offer for prospective patients, but we urge all patients … to ensure information is from a reliable source.

“There’s a great deal of misinformation out there, and the best way to circumvent that is to consult an AAFPRS physician who is qualified, experienced and trained in performing facial plastic procedures.”

In addition to providing accurate information, a qualified plastic surgeon will make sure a prospective patient is making the decision for the right reasons, Dr. Lepore says.

“I always ask patients to describe their decision-making process for the desired procedure, such as a tummy tuck in San Jose,” he says. “If they say they decided on a procedure because they read a lot of Facebook posts from people who had it, I talk with them about what they really want for themselves. That way, I can make sure the patients are making informed decisions and have realistic expectations.”

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