Free Consultations – What it Means for the Patient and Doctor

Breast Reconstruction ConsultIn our practice, we’re offering free consultations to prospective patients who are interested in having a cosmetic surgical (or non-surgical) procedure.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

Sound like a good deal? It is- and that’s the truth. There are some details you should know. And, we need to ask you for something as well –

  • If you take advantage of the offer, we request simply- that you keep the appointment you’ve scheduled.

A consultation is a wonderful opportunity for a patient to learn, to ask questions, receive expert answers, and to meet the doctor who would be performing the service or surgery. All too often though, a prospective patient may make an appointment for a free consultation, and then not show up, without notice.

You call our office, and schedule an appointment.

People looking at a computer“FREE” – For You

Free-is our ‘gift’ to you. It’s not really free- for us; the doctors, and staff. When patients schedule an appointment for a free service, our staff members take time to communicate with them, begin the registration process, answer general questions, and provide instructions where needed.

The doctor’s time is blocked out for you on a specific day, for a specific time period. That time, becomes unavailable for anything else. We have reserved that time for you.

Other patients have very likely requested an appointment on that day and time, but we make sure it remains reserved for you.

When patients don’t show up for these appointments, without earlier notice, that leaves us with a blank space in the day’s schedule, which we are unable to fill. (unlike other kinds of businesses that accept reservations, medical offices aren’t able to expect a sudden walk-in.)


  • Expert assessment and advice: What you receive during your consultation- in addition to the processes mentioned above, is a one-on-one meeting with the doctor. You are getting an expert assessment of your particular request or concern, and you are presented with a plan that will best help you achieve your goal.
  • Our doctors are all highly experienced and skilled Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons. Please take a look here, to see more about us:
  • Detailed summary and cost information: At the end of your personal visit with the doctor, you will be given a written estimate of costs that may be associated with the procedure(s) you want to have.

After that, the next steps are up to you. You may decide to schedule your surgery at that time, (if so, a deposit for the surgery will be required).  Or, you may decide you want to take more time to consider.


For your comfort and convenience, we offer in-person consultations, as well as virtual consultations. At this time, our virtual consults use Zoom. Our staff will give you special instructions about sending photos, and other details you will need for a virtual consult. Again, whether virtual, or face to face, preparation and scheduling are needed. Please remember, virtual consultations, are also ‘real’ doctor appointments.


This is a heartfelt request from us. We ask that you consider these free consultations, as special services. We value your time, and ask your understanding and consideration as well. Please contact us in advance (48 hours if at all possible), if you will not be able to keep your appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation – WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU!

[Drs. Vincent Lepore, Benjamin Maser, and Steven Bates are Board Certified Plastic Surgeons serving patients throughout San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area. All have extensive experience in the full range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, and non-surgical treatments. Please call, to schedule your consultation: (408) 356-4241.]



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