Plastic Surgery & Virtual Consultations-we’re here to see you..

People scheduling a virtual consultationThe concept of Virtual Consultations – (seeing and chatting with a patient remotely) is not new. What is new- is the way it’s being used right now, during an unprecedented time of lockdown, or isolation due to the COVID19 pandemic.

And, although here at Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Associates, we always prefer the personal touch with our patients, we are implementing Virtual Consultations, to be able to continue addressing your questions and concerns, and schedule you for future visits, treatments, and surgeries.


How will it work, and who will you speak to?

  • When you contact our office, as you normally would, by phone (408) 356-4241, or by clicking the “schedule a free consultation” button on our website one of our staff members will gather some information about what procedure you’re calling about, and some information about you.

Our staff will help you schedule a time to have a Consultation with:

Dr. Vincent Lepore, or, with Dr. Benjamin Maser. (*both of our doctors are Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons, with decades of experience in all areas of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery).

  • Our scheduling team will assign you a date and time for your consultation.
  • You will also be given the information about ‘How to connect, for your virtual consult.’ It is likely that you have used the format before, through your own work situation. You’ll be given information to sign in, with a code, as well as  “How to Join the Meeting instructions.


  • It will be similar, in many ways, to an office visit. You should have specific ideas about the area, or areas you wish to have addressed, and the type of procedure you may want.
  • If you are seeking opinions about areas such as breasts, buttocks, intimate regions, etc., you may, if you like, photograph the area yourself – ahead of time. (with identifying features covered). You could potentially enlarge and ‘show’ the photos to the doctor during the consult, or transmit photos to us ahead of time, through our secure, HIPAA-compliant email.

** We are suggesting this extra step, to help ensure patient privacy, as much as possible. Please know that during this emergency period (COVID19 restrictions), HIPAA regulations are being relaxed, in order to allow physicians to ‘meet’ with patients virtually. However, we do want to take precautions to ensure your personal privacy on the internet, and this is one way to do so.

  • Have your questions ready, just as you would during a normal in-person visit. And please, be aware of time! For virtual consults, there may be an upper time limit of 30 minutes, which should be sufficient for most situations.
  • Our doctors will be able to give you a great deal of information, even with with a remote evaluation. You will go away knowing much more than you did prior to your virtual exam.
  • You will first learn whether it appears you’re a good candidate for the change you wish to make. You will learn about what’s involved with the procedures, and how to prepare in terms of time, and what to expect after your procedure. Our staff will also be able to provide you with financial information.
  • It’s likely that a face-to-face meeting would also be scheduled (as soon as we can).

Crisalix previewNOW-  EXPLORE OUTCOMES USING “CRISALIX” – 3D Imaging *

  • Yes, now, in response to your overwhelming interest in Virtual Consultations (thank you!) we have added another tool- which we will keep. The Crisalix 3D imaging system will give you a virtual reality experience- and a very close-to-reality view of the results of a procedure – on you.

HELPING ANSWER THE QUESTION: ‘What will I look like, after this procedure?’

  • What do you need to do?  A quick visit to our website, 
  • Find the ‘Crisalix’ box on the page, and click to choose a consultation with either Dr. Vincent Lepore, or Dr. Benjamin Maser.  From there, you’ll find an explanation about signing in securely, taking photos, and entering them into the system. You’ll be contacted, and we’ll arrange your personal virtual consultation. (* Yes, we will also use Crisalix imaging, for your in-person consultation, if you wish)  Please feel free to take a tour of the system; found on this page:


We stay connected with our patients. It’s one reason so many come back to us year after year. We are privileged to have formed these special relationships, and we value them greatly. Our staff has been, and remains “on duty” during these unusual times, to answer your questions, and provide scheduling advice. Our greatest wish, is for all of you and your families to be well. And we add to that, we look forward to seeing you very soon, in person, or through a virtual consultation.

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