The BBL Guide-“BUTT-OLOGY 101”

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The BBL and its evolution. No longer defined as a procedure for people who want large buttocks, it serves a number of purposes. Let’s start with some definitions:

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‘Butt-ology’ -Not exactly a science in the strictest sense, and not an official course offering. It’s our way of labeling a guide to what you should know about one of the most popular procedure areas in all of Cosmetic Surgery in the last decade.


  • Bottom
  • Rear
  • Butt
  • Buttocks
  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Booty
  • Trunk (as in; “j–k in the trunk”)
  • Posterior

We will leave the other terminology out of this description, but feel free to make your own substitutions.

A woman’s posterior dimensions have been prized in art and culture throughout the ages.
Fashion, for better or worse, and especially in Western cultures, has dictated “trends” over the past couple of centuries. Sometimes a full silhouette, sometimes a flat one. The straight up and down “Twiggy” or very thin model look, has been the ideal for millions in recent decades.

But, it’s just as often been the opposite. The bustle (what were they thinking?) was all the rage in the mid to latter 1800s. Whatever the size of the rear, ladies of fashion were required to strap on a cage (a cage!), or other volumizing device, over their pantaloons and whatevers, to exaggerate the rear projection of their skirts.

Fast-forward to the 1990s and 2000s, and women representing our many cultures are stars of music, TV, movies, and the internet. They aren’t hiding their natural assets. They’re celebrating them, often with the help of clever fashion designers. Their rear views have become the shapes to have and to flaunt.

The not-so-secret little secret, is that many shapely stars, in addition to being naturally blessed, and working out, have some “help” in achieving and maintaining that shape.


First- note that the procedure is not gender exclusive. Women and men both elect to have buttock augmentation.

  • Very often, patients have little or no rear projection, and have the procedure to correct proportions, and to make clothes-buying easier. Women often feel it adds to their femininity.
  • Patients who have had gastric bypass surgery, or massive weight loss.
  • And, some patients seeking buttock augmentation may initially have what many would consider ample tissue in the buttock area. They often want to improve their overall body proportion; enhancing or showcasing the buttocks, while defining or re-contouring other areas.


  • Fat InjectionsThe Brazilian Butt Lift’ or, Buttock Augmentation
    • This is what is performed most often today. A procedure that combines Liposuction, with injections of the patient’s own fat – into the Buttocks.
    • Now, the benefits are multiple. Liposuction (removal of fat surgically with suction) contours the waistline, and removes the “saddlebags” and other pockets of unwanted fat in the back, thighs, etc.
    • The fat that was just removed, is processed, and injected, according to the patient’s desired aesthetic result, into the buttocks.

Some bigger than others, some rounder, some more protruding.

  • Recent and ongoing technical changes in Liposuction and Fat Injection, have allowed surgeons to perform the procedures with more ease, and with greater ‘accuracy’ in providing smoother results.

Depending on the extent of the procedure, after healing, the patient may have a smaller waistline, and a changed contour, with a curve of the hips, and fuller, rounder buttocks.

The buttocks will appear ‘lifted’ through the placement of the transferred fat, with the effect magnified by the removal of the fat pockets beneath the buttock, and removal of saddlebags. (Patients often opt for upper thigh liposuction at the same time.)

  • Buttock Implants
    These are silicone implants, specially made and designed for the buttock area. They may be placed above the gluteus muscle, or within the muscle. They may be used alone, or in conjunction with fat grafting. The implants are still used, but their popularity has diminished over the years.
  • Buttock Lift & Augmentation, surgical procedure using dermal fat flaps from hips or saddlebags, to reshape and enhance buttocks.


In the initial weeks following your Buttock Augmentation/ Brazilian Butt Lift, there will be some changes, as a portion of the fat injected will be naturally resorbed by the body. Over a period of a few months to a year, you’ll see your “permanent” result.

Why is “permanent” in quotes? The fat that’s been transferred is considered permanent. However, your results over time will rely on several things, including how you maintain your weight, and body tone.

The relocated fat will act like fat anywhere else in your body. If you gain weight (and fat), you will gain weight in the injected areas as well. Age, and gravity will also become a factor, more so with extra weight gain.

Patients who have had buttock augmentation are most often very happy with their results, and are committed to maintaining their new look!

[You’ll want to seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to perform this procedure. San Jose Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vincent Lepore and his staff are happy to answer your questions regarding Buttock Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Transfer, and Liposuction. Please call us for your free Cosmetic Consultation, at 408-356-4241]

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