“Boob Talk”: Breast Augmentation Today

Are women still getting breast augmentations?         

Yes! In fact, more than ever.

We live in a time of heightened awareness of all things natural and organic, and some would think that means women are turning away from things like surgery to enhance or alter their natural breasts.

They are not. We’re also living in a time of empowerment. Women are not only aware of the options available to them to enhance their physical appearance, they’re leading the conversation on what they want from their plastic surgery.  Women are major forces in the economy. They have clear ideas about what improvements they want to make, and they have the financial power to achieve their goals.


In the U.S., Breast Augmentation remains among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, ranking in the top five year after year.)

As for who is in that big, and growing group, the answer is; all age ranges, sizes, shapes, and backgrounds.

  • Breast Augmentation patients may be young women, who simply want bigger breasts.
  • Breast Augmentation patients also older women who want to restore the shape or volume they once had in their breasts.
  • Moms- wanting to reclaim their pre-baby bodies.
  • Women wanting to correct, or balance uneven breast sizes.


When patients come to our office in San Jose for Breast Augmentation, they usually have some idea of what they want to change or improve. We have detailed discussions about what can be done, and about the choices the patient will have;

  • Implant Type- silicone gel or saline filled.
  • Implant Shape- round (or teardrop shaped)
  • Profile & Projection- implants have different “profiles” high, medium, or low
  • Position- the implant goes beneath the breast tissue, or beneath the chest muscle
  • Incision- how the implant will be inserted; armpit, areola, or breast crease.


I’ll give you my best advice, but the choice is up to you. We present a full range of sizes, types, and shapes, along with sample lingerie in various sizes, so you actually get to “try on” the implants, getting a good idea of appearance, weight, and feel.  We have to say, our patients really enjoy “try-on” day. You may also take advantage of our virtual imaging tool, to gain a good idea of what your breasts will look like after augmentation.


  • Our patients enjoy the added convenience of having their Breast Augmentation in our own, fully-accredited surgical facility, with our experienced staff.
  • Most of our patients have the procedure under general anesthesia.
  • A breast augmentation usually is completed within an hour.
  • After your surgery, you’ll take it easy for a day or two. You will probably have some swelling and soreness. You’ll be instructed on the proper medications to take to ease pain, and the activities you may undertake in this early stage of recovery. (“Desk-type work” is usually fine after a few days. No heavy lifting, or strenuous exercise, for about 3 weeks.)
  • You’ll notice the results of your breast augmentation immediately, and the swelling and incision lines will diminish in time.


Fat grafting is being used frequently now to enhance breast augmentation results. Fat transfer to the breast is getting a lot of attention. It offers another option. The technique is being used in breast augmentation to add a natural, soft appearance, especially in the upper pole area, and often in cases of thinner patients, where extra coverage may be wanted over an implant. It is especially popular in breast reconstruction, where it can help replace tissue that has been lost. That said, we have used fat grafting alone to augment breasts, and some of those results can be seen in our Photo Gallery.  Fat Transfer requires an additional procedure (Liposuction), and longer surgical time.


  • Although a simple breast augmentation can give a more lifted appearance to some breasts- it is not a substitute for a breast lift. If your breasts are drooping or sagging severely, you will probably want to explore Breast Lift surgery as well.

Implants may last for decades, but may need to be replaced at some time in your life. You may also choose to make a switch later, to address other changes in your body at some point. It’s helpful to have a good, ongoing relationship with your plastic surgeon.

Your results will be long-lasting, and from the comments we hear from our own patients, as well as larger, formal surveys, Breast Augmentation is credited with improving a woman’s self-confidence and self-image, and is a choice they are happy they made.

(San Jose, Los Gatos, Campbell and Silicon Valley women have been coming to Dr. Vincent Lepore, Dr. Benjamin Maser, and Dr. Steven Bates  for Breast Augmentation for over twenty years. We offer the latest techniques and implant choices, plus the convenience of an accredited, on-site surgery center.) Cosmetic consultations are offered free of charge. Please call to schedule your appointment – (408) 356-4241)

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